N05 Kitchen Combo -Stainless Steel  2-type Knives and Peeler Set

N05 Kitchen Combo -Stainless Steel 2-type Knives and Peeler Set

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eBizmour Kitchen Combo -Stainless Steel Simple Knife, Tomato Knife and Peeler Set

Tomato Knife & Simple Knife

Stainless Steel Knife to take care of your daily slicing, dicing, chopping, and paring needs in the kitchen. This knife is suitable for daily use as the knife is crafted from high quality, food-grade stainless steel handles. The handles are forged with stainless steel blades. As these knives can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, their maintenance is quite hassle-free.

Tomato Knife & Simple Knife is included    


Universal peeler comes in handy. Its serrated edge is ready to face the firmest peels while its ergonomic handle makes cooking as fun as it is easy.

It absolutely makes the peeling fast, easier, and safer. This stainless steel blade peeler is specifically designed for peeling fruit and vegetables so you do not risk being cut in using a knife when peeling. It peels absolutely thin outer layers of vegetables or fruit to prevent cutting large portions, which happens when using vegetable knife

Package Content

2 x Knives (Tomato Knife & Simple Knife)

1 x Peeler Set

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